Nordiska Open Space utövare träffas i Danmark den 8-9 augusti 2014. Kom och lär mer. Här är en länk till inbjudan.

”Are you interested in meeting and networking with other Open Space facilitators? Do you want to try out ideas or explore opportunities in fast changing societies. Together with good colleagues?
So much is happening and continues to happen in the world around us. It seems that the whole welfare state is being downsized much faster than it has been built up, while at the same time the paradigm seems to shift from egomania to more of a civil society. And of course, the new media and technical possibilities catalyze this. Where are we in this? What can we and what can Open Space contribute?

Come and join us on August 8th and 9th, starting Friday at 10.00 AM and ending
Saturday at 04.00 PM, at the site where the first Scandinavian Open Space on Open Space was held, and where Harrison Owen planted a tree in 2001 – and for those who there, come and see how much it has grown.

Gerhard Muller

Open Space Institute, Denmark”

Bilden är från det nordiska mötet sommaren 2013 i Norge och när vi experimenterade med att göra några Open Space pass ”på tur”.